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As might know from his Twitter, John has a lot of things to say, if you let him. Recently John has been featured on 2 podcasts, and the list of topics covered is of truly epic proportions, from Lenny Kravitz' drummer to the John-Vanderslication of indie rock to what it is like being a dad and the inevitable food content.
First up was Air Raid's episode 60 "Hobos of the Future"; the next day already John went to visit Kaiser of Nerds and long-time Long Winters friend Merlin Mann to record the episode You Can Polish AC/DC All Day Long for Merlin's Back to Work podcast on 5by5.
Since John and Merlin ran out of time but still had way too much stuff to talk about, Merlin decided to start a weekly podcast of his phone conversations with John, called Roderick On The Line (ROTL). From the FAQ: "John Roderick is an opinionated polymath who knows literally everything and who genuinely wants to help set everyone straight. Plus, he can’t understand why anyone would even be allowed not to hear everything he has to say, and Merlin is mostly tolerant of this. Merlin Mann is a fairly dim blabbermouth who knows literally nothing but who genuinely wants to help John set everyone straight. Plus, he knows how to post things on the internet, and John is mostly tolerant of this."
Episode 00, "Suit of Vomit" is online now!