City Arts Fest show: unique line-up announced

This Thursday a unique The Long Winters show will take place at City Arts Fest, Showbox at the Market. John Roderick has worked with almost every musician in Seattle already, but he has found some amazing young new recruits for this one-off show. Watch this video made by Adam Pranica and you will get a taste of what to expect.

Additional bonus is that this limited edition show poster will be available from the merch stand.

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Un, what was that?

The School of Rock kids indeed rock and it's cool your old pal whatshisname came on stage to bob and weave a bit but overall last night's set at the Showbox seemed like a bait and switch for anyone who bought a ticket to see the Long Winters rather than a novelty act. Just sayin'. Stupid was a stupid good song, though.

We went to this limited

We went to this limited edition gig ... PURE FKN MAGIC is all I can say. We are from Australia and were by far and away the oldest members in the crowd (by our reckoning anyway). John did a GREAT job with the kids and represented Seattle music brilliantly. Took us back to our youth and for me the days when I played folk and blues in small pubs and venues in Aus. We will be looking for some recordings when we get home and will be keen to share the unique sound with our Aussie mates. Great stuff and let's hope that the kids that were there last night get to go on to bigger and better things.

Someone needs to redesign your website.

Are you on Wordpress? You should be -- your website needs a redesign! Could look way more professional/interesting than this.

Found you via your tweet about a long and boring narrative, BTW. Hilarious, LOL.