Roderick Reverb Residency Returns!

Many, many moons ago, in early winter of the long-forgotten year of 2008, John Roderick took up the task of writing a weekly column for Seattle Weekly's online blogs. Affectionately referred to as the Roderick Reverb Residency (after all, who doesn't love alliteration?), the weekly blogs were a welcomed collection of musings and recollections filled with the unique wry and biting humor that The Long Winters are known for.

Spanning almost two dozen entries, the blogs ranged in topic from the history of the Seattle music scene to tips on proper maintenance of one's facial scruff. And then, suddenly, just as soon as the series of blogs started, they stopped. Seattle Weekly put in placeholders promising only a brief hiatus, but after five weeks of missed deadlines, the Residency was officially placed on a hiatus noted as temporary, but generally considered to be permanent.

And for more than two years, there was absolute radio silence. But just as quickly as it disappeared, and without any fanfare, the Roderick Residency has returned to at the beginning of this month. John has committed to returning to the weekly format of yesteryears, and if the content of his re-introduction is to serve as any indication, he hasn't lost one bit of that infamous bite.

Check out the blog here, and bookmark it for weekly updates.