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Report from Europe, November 2006

I'm writing this from the plane on my flight back to Seattle. Why isn't this technology available on all flights? …And remote highways, city centers, truck stops, hotels (especially hotels), and every venue we play for that matter? Most importantly - just like it is right now - WIFI should always be FREE. We just finished our European tour. John dropped Nabil, Eric, Jared (our beloved sound guy), and myself off at the Brussels airport this morning. I'll give you a little wrap up of the European tour:

Through the Sun

We haven't had a tour update yet, but there's no reason for it, so... Yesterday was just too much crazy, anxious, what-hell-did-we-just-do fun not to share. Here it is, sequentially: We woke up in BEAVER, Utah and drove to Las Vegas, which was our crossroads for the day. When you've got 3 days off, it's time to play. Here were the options: 1) prime rib at a Vegas casino, 2) kick it with the crazies still living next to the Salton Sea, 3) go through DEATH VALLEY. We chose option 3.

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